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Georgia is among the top ten states with the most medical assistant job openings. Ringing in at 7 (California has by far the most openings), Georgia has more positions available than New Jersey, Arizona, Michigan, and North Carolina.

That’s good news if you plan on attending one of the many medical assistant schools in Georgia. You’ll be ready to hit that hot job market the minute you graduate! Here are the top 10 programs in Georgia, by city.

Medical Assistant Schools in Atlanta

Atlanta Technical College

At Atlanta Technical College, students can choose from 2 separate programs in Medical Assisting: the Diploma Program in Medical Assisting and the Technical Certificate Program for Medical Billing Clerk.

The Medical Assisting Diploma Program is a full-fledged program with prerequisites and everything (GPA 2.5, English, Math , Psychology, Composition, and Business courses required for entrance to the program). Upon completion of the program, students will be able to take the RMA or the CMA exams.

Their externship is 225 hours of “unpaid hours”, as they call it. Some of the notably interesting courses in the program include “Legal and Ethical Concerns” and “Human Patho Conditions in the Med Office”. You don’t see that second title very often. The program is affordable and quick, and offers a wide range of skills to prepare students for work.

Iverson Institute

Iverson Institute’s MA program prepares students for both the administrative and the clinical side of Medical Assisting. Choose from the 36-week day program or the 52-week evening program and upon completion receive both the Medical Assistant Diploma and the Phlebotomy Certificate. Since many health care facilities these days require both, it’s a good deal.

Students learn from all the standard areas of Medical Assisting plus a few bonus areas of study like blood borne pathogens, OSHA guidelines, infection control, and venipuncture. Not all MA programs teach these areas and skills, so Iverson’s program stands out in this regard- students will have a broad range of knowledge and be especially useful on the clinical side of things.


Not far from the Georgia Memorial Cemetery in Atlanta lies the campus of Medtech, a healthcare career institute offering a Medical Assisting program from their accredited school in Atlanta-Marietta.

The program offers a 82% job placement rate and takes 15 months to complete. Tuition and fees are in the neighborhood of $27,000, mitigated by the fact that over $15,000 in federal loans are available for students who qualify.

Medical Assistant Schools in Augusta

Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College’s Medical Assisting program is accredited and qualifies graduates to sit for the certification exam, which if passed will allow them to look for work as a CMA. The externship is 160 hours, so students graduate with a good set of skills and experience already under their belts.

The program is 1 1/2 years long and is very affordable at around $9,000. The job placement rate is a very impressive 87%, much higher than most.

Virginia College

Don’t be fooled by the name- Virginia College’s Medical Assistant Certificate program is located in Augusta, Georgia. It includes an externship and places emphasis on the clinical rather than the administrative side of medical assisting. The program does, however, prepare students for the administrative duties they’ll face in the workplace.

Their program takes about one year to complete, and the job placement rate for graduates is a confidence-building 73%. Cost of the program is a little over $23,000.

Medical Assistant Schools in Columbus

Miller-Motte Technical College

With an impressive job placement rate of 86%, Miller-Motte Technical College’s 72-week program is a popular choice for students who have the means to attend. With tuition, books and supplies topping the $30,000 mark, having the means is usually necessary via student loans, but in any case the program is excellent quality.

Students entering the program should be prepared for a very wide range of courses covering all aspects of becoming a Medical Assistant, and then some. From computer classes to college mathematics, it’s certainly apparent that Miller-Mott’e program offers much more than a certificate. It’s a full-fledged degree program.

Notably, some courses may be offered online.

Columbus Technical College

Columbus Tech’s medical assisting diploma is a 61 semester-hour program that includes general education courses like Basic Psychology and Foundations of Mathematics. Students will be fully prepared with coursework and a 6 semester-hour externship.

A notable feature of this program is the Medical Assisting Seminar, to be completed during or after the externship after all other coursework is completed. The seminar prepares students for the job search, teaching skills such as interviewing, writing cover letters, etc. This is definitely not your usual offering and should be considered a premium feature of this program.

Medical Assistant Schools in Macon

Central Georgia Technical College

If you attend Central Georgia Tech for their Medical Assisting program, know that you may choose their Diploma program or their Degree program. The difference is 9 credit hours, or 195 contact hours.

The Macon campus (there’s also a campus in Melledgeville, GA and one at Warner Robbins) accepts only 20 students for the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

There’s an externship as well as a “Medical Assisting Seminar”, covering important job search skills. Upon graduation, students may sit for the National Medical Assistant Certification test.

Medical Assistant Schools in Savannah

Savannah Technical College

Savannah Technical College is part of the Technical College System of Georgia and such has a program similar to that of the one at Atlanta Technical College. The Medical Assisting Diploma, as it’s called at Savannah Tech, is a 5-semester course of study with a minimum of 61 hours of study. Students take a core set of courses covering English, Math, and Psychology, then industry-specific courses like “Medical Terminology for ALHS” and an externship plus the Medical Assisting Seminar for career skills.

South University, Savannah

If you’re after more than a certificate for Medical Assisting, South University offers an Associate of Science AS in Medical Assisting. One standout feature of the syllabus for this program is training in communication, professionalism, and inter-personal relationship skills, which are so badly needed in the medical world.

That should make a great unique selling proposition for students once they enter the job market.

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