Medical Administrative Assistant

Has anyone thought of working in medical administrative field? This is a good option especially for the people who wish to be able to work in medical and healthcare services facilities but don’t want to be shouldered with such a huge responsibility like what doctors will have. If those things are wanted, administrative assistant in medical sector is not a bad choice and as the matter of fact, it is a good choice to be made. Aside of being able to help patients and visitors of healthcare facilities, this job also promises good amount of steady income. In addition to the administration duties, assistants of medical administrative will also need to fulfill the duties of supporting doctors and other employees in the healthcare facilities such as helping to arrange schedule for appointments. The administrative medical assistant will work in the environment of professionals.

What is a Medical Administrative Assistant?

A medical administrative assistant is a very promising job but some people may still don’t know about what it is. This job will revolve around medical world and the job will require special knowledge in both medical and administration. The job of administrative assistant medical in medical facilities are considered being simple and not too complicated.

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistant Education

Considering the duties of assistant in medical administrative of healthcare facilities, it is natural that the proper medical administrative assistant education is needed. The education will take time for at least 10 months or 15 months to get the proper degree in this major. The entire education will focus on giving the needed knowledge on how the assistants of medical facilities will need to work and the duties those will need to be done from time to time. There will be also the explanations and details about the essential medical assisting duties, the medical terminology and a lot other necessary things including the ones related with administration such as office accounting.

The degree of medical administrative can be acquired through formal education in colleges or universities. Taking a diploma degree is necessary because of medical administrative assistant duties in the healthcare facilities are not petty things and will require serious attention. Supportive duties of an assistant may require serious attention of details and no mistakes made. Taking education seriously is needed, aside of that, there will be one more step needed before someone is able to work in healthcare facilities as an assistant.

Medical Administrative Assistant Certification

After getting through the proper education for administrative assistant programs of education, there will be a need to get a certification from CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant). The exam for getting certification is being offered by National Healthcareer Association or NHA. The administrative assistant job and its duties as an assistant in a medical or healthcare facility are very demanding and naturally, a further selection for the people who has the will, knowledge and ability to work is needed in order to prevent the unwanted incidents while working.

Medical Administrative Assistant Job Description

An assistant medical administrative will have various tasks those will need to be done. The tasks those will need to be performed are varied depending on the employer. Usually medical administrative assistant job description will include the crucial tasks that will help the facility of healthcare runs smoothly without any problems. The followings are examples of tasks those will need to be done during working time:

  • Coordinating and scheduling appointments for every day.
  • Completing and submitting the claims of insurance.
  • Giving the good customer service for patients as well as visitors of medical facilities.
  • Managing the operations of the healthcare facilities day by day.
  • Organizing as well as updating the medical records of patients.
  • Preparing the correspondence between patients and the providers or medical treatment.
  • Verifying the insurance of each patient.

Medical Administrative Assistant Salary

The salary of working as assistant of medical administrative is varied depending on several things. Those things are the employers, the geographic location of the medical facilities as well as experience of each individual. The more experience had by an individual, the better payment that he or she will get. Someone can start working when all of the administrative assistant requirements have been fulfilled and ready to work. The average salary per hour is $17 is someone is working for the government, $15 if someone is working in a hospital and 14.50 for someone who is working for private practices.

The locations of workplace become one very important thing when it comes to the salary will be acquired. Some states pay a lot better than the other so checking the possible amount of salary will be necessary in order to make sure that the salary will be as expected. The assistant of medical administrative who will help medical office procedures can acquire annual salary up to $61,000 or even more if he or she has the experience, skills as well as being hired by the employer who is offering the good amount of salary.


Searching for the job that will give huge opportunities and chances to make life a better is not easy but also not that difficult either. Medical administrative, businessman, chef and a lot other professions can be considered. The thing that makes everything felt to be complicated is many people will search for the jobs that they know they will love such as choosing jobs because of hobbies or the childhood dreams. The medical or healthcare facilities will be the environments where the medical administrative assistant will continue to work side by side with doctor, nurses and others in providing the best service to all patients who come to seek for medical treatment. One of the important things being checked when someone applies for is the certification of working as the assistant in medical administrative. This certification means that someone has been fully acknowledge of being capable to perform duties of the assistant in facilities of healthcare and that someone is ready to be put on duties.

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